Racer Information

Please read through each section listed on this page. Each section provides ample information you need to know to ensure your attendance at the event is an enjoyable and successful one!

Class Offerings & Descriptions

  • Pro Super EX
  • Expert
  • Amateur/Intermediate
  • Vet 35+
  • Women
  • Club

Club Cup riders must enter in their local classification during Club Cup Races.

Event Information

  • Important
  • Registration
  • Pit Passes
  • Transponders

Please check back frequently as we will continue to expand upon our efforts and plans to provide a safe race environment.

The priority at these six events will be health and safety of the riders, fans and support staff involved. Our return to racing will be a responsible one, including guidelines and protocols for competitors and essential staff. We will work with both venues and will comply with all federal, state and local mandates.  Mitigation efforts will include: increased sanitation efforts and social distancing to limit contact among individuals executing the events. Face masks will NOT be provided at the events but they WILL be required to enter. Please make sure to bring your own face mask to each race.


You can register online here. Registration will be online ONLY. There will be no registration at the event.

⊕ Online: $100

⊕ Local Club Class: Online - $75 

(Local Club class riders will only get this discounted rate for the club class. All other classes will be full price.)

*Class Entry Pricing includes 1 Rider & 1 Mechanic Pit Pass (Per Racer per round)

*Due to Covid-19, some of these policies may be affected by local and state guidelines*

  • Pit Pass Cost:
    • Rounds 1-4 (Glen Helen Raceway): Glen Helen Raceway will be handling the selling of pit passes for Rounds 1-4. These pit passes will be available for purchase at the event to the general public. Pricing coming soon.
    • Rounds 5-6 (Ford Idaho Center): 1 day pass - $25 | 2 day pass - $40 (available for purchase at the event)
  • Each Racer will receive 2 Pit Passes with Class Entry (1 for Racer + 1 for Mechanic, limited of 1 entry per day)
  • Pit Pass Wristbands can only be purchased at the event, they cannot be purchased online
  • Any persons wanting access to the event facility during the race day must purchase an Pit Pass
  • A Pit Pass acts as a ticket does in that it allows the holder entry into the event
  • A Pit Pass holders may enter the building when the “pit gate” opens 
  • Ticket holders are NOT allowed into the building until 6:30 p.m. when the doors open for spectators
  • You do NOT need to purchase a ticket if you purchase a Pit Pass.
  • Your Pit Pass is good for the whole day and for the main show at night too. You will also have access to special racer seating
  • If you have any questions pertaining to Pit Passes please contact us prior to the event date.

Racers are required to use a transponder to be scored at each event.

If you do not own a transponder you will have the option to rent one at the event. The rental fee will be $15 per day ($25 for two day or $50 for the 4 California races) . Racers can NOT share a transponder. We will require $100 deposit on ALL transponder rentals and that deposit can be made with cash or credit card. If you are using a credit card please be prepared to arrive at registration with a copy of your credit card AND driver’s license (on one page), or $100 cash. We will refund your cash or present you with your credit card copy at the conclusion of the event when you return your transponder.

Transponders must be turned in after each event to be charged for use at the next event.

Race Day Details

  • Information
  • Overview
  • Schedule
  • Procedures

Attention Racer: It is your responsibility to inform your friends & family who want to come into the pit area (where available) and watch racing during the day that they do NOT need to purchase a ticket. They only need a wristband which grants them access during the day and night show. There will be special seating* (*special seating dependent on venue) in the arena for those who have purchased wristbands too. We will NOT exchange tickets for wristbands nor are we able to refund tickets purchased through the venue, so please do not buy a ticket if you want to watch the racing throughout the entirety of the day.


*Times will be different for the first 4 rounds, Please visit the San Bernardino Event Page for the California Times*

⊕ 8:00AM – Building Open to Racers

⊕ 9:00AM – Practice Session 1

⊕ 10:00AM – Practice Session 2

⊕ 11:00AM – Qualifier Races

⊕ 12:00PM – Last Chance Qualifier Races

⊕ 1:00PM – Track Maintenance/Modifications

⊕ 2:00PM – Track Walk

⊕ 2:30PM – Rider’s Meeting at Podium (Mandatory)

⊕ 3:00PM – Practice Session

⊕ 4:00PM – Super EnduroCross Hot Laps

⊕ 5:00PM – Building Closed for Track Maintenance

⊕ 6:30PM – Building Open to Public

⊕ 6:30-7:30 PM – Autograph Session on Track

⊕ 7:30PM – Opening Ceremonies + Main Races

Coming Soon

1. An EnduroCross event will be made up of manmade obstacles and run in a qualifying, moto format.

1.1. “Pro Lane” - All Pro Super EnduroX riders must use the “Pro lane”. This section will not be used in the Expert, Intermediate/Amateur, Veteran 35+ or Womens sessions. It will open when the afternoon practices start and will be used on all laps of all Pro Super EnduroX class sessions only.

2. All riders must complete all obstacles on the course each lap to avoid penalty.

2.1. If a rider leaves the course at any time they must re-enter at the same point or at the first point where they can safely do so without interfering with other riders and without gaining an advantage. Failure to do so will result in the rider being penalized a minimum of one finishing position for the moto.

3. Start will be live engine, gate start. Riders jumping the start gate will be docked 1 lap.

3.1. All gates must be filled, 2nd row starters (if any) must line up behind furthest outside gates (i.e.; if there are 8 gates and 10 riders in a race, riders 9 & 10 will line up behind the riders gated in positions 7 & 8). Additionally, 2nd row starters must line up directly behind the bike in the 1st row and their front tire must stay behind the rear tire of the 1st row bike until the gate is dropped. Failure to follow this direction may result in lap and or position penalties.

4. A restart will be utilized in case of Pro Super EnduroX Main Event race stoppage.

4.1. If less than 3 laps completed by the leader, bikes are sent back to the starting gate in original line-up order for complete Re-Start.

4.2. If more than 3 laps completed by the leader but less than 90% of the total distance laps will be rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps, bikes are placed in staggered start according to current running order. The lap in which the red flag was thrown will not be considered a complete lap. Upon restart no passing until going through check point. Remaining laps are to be completed.

4.3. If 90% of laps are completed by race leader before race is stopped, race is considered complete and finish order is based on scoring (15 lap race 90% = 13 laps, 6 lap race 90% = 5, 5 lap race 90% = 4, 4 lap race 90% = 3).

5. Course markings will be arrows, banners, tires, logs and track markers.

5.1. If at any time a rider questions the official course the event referee will make final determination of legal course during the official track walk. At any other time riders will be considered off course.

6. Races are officially ended for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the winner.

6.1. The officially designated finish line is located at the site of the scoring/timing transponder receiver loop. To be considered as having completed a lap, the rider and their motorcycle must cross the plane of the officially designated finish line. Under special circumstances and at any time other than the checkered flag lap, crossing outside of the designated finish line obstacle can be considered a completed lap, as long as the rider continues the race for at least one more completed lap. Under normal circumstances all lap and finish positions will be determined by electronic timing devices (transponders). In the event the electronic timing system fails to record a time or lap position for any rider, scoring of the laps or finish will be based solely on the scorekeepers' decision.

6.2. Riders do not need to take the checkered flag to be considered a finisher. Riders will be scored based on all laps completed.

6.3. Should the checkered flag be displayed later than the official distance, the finishing order will be decided on the basis of the official distance.

6.4. If more than one rider starts the race but does not complete one complete lap as per official scoring, those riders will be placed in the final results based their gridding position.

6.5. A rider whose motorcycle is disabled before reaching the finish line may, by the rider's own unaided muscular energy, push or carry the motorcycle in the proper direction of the track to complete the race by crossing the finish line, unless the rider is determined to be a hazard by the Race Director.

General Information

  • Rules
  • Equipment
  • Series Info
  • AMA Membership

AMA-sanctioned events run according to the rules developed and written by AMA Congress.

Click Here to download & review the 2020 AMA Rulebook.

  1. All motorcycle power and propulsion systems are allowed. Pressurized Oxidizing Systems (NOX) are forbidden, Final determination of acceptance of a power train will be the responsibility of the AMA Referee.
  2. Riders are permitted to ride a total of 2 different motorcycles, through all qualifiers, and into the Evening Program. Both motorcycles must go through tech inspection. At no time will a rider change a motorcycle between the time when the gate drops, until the finish, of an individual race.
  3. Sound Limits- AMA EnduroCross will enforce 94db sound limits via the standard Off-Road test. All bikes must pass test prior to 1st Timed Practice.
  4. Trials tires are only permitted in Veteran 35+, Intermediate and Amateur classes.
  5. Off-Road straps for the seat and/or lower triple clamp is recommended in all classes.
  6. All numbers will be white background, black number on front number plate and both side panels with the following exceptions:
    - Pro Super EnduroX class points leader – red background, white number
    - At round 1 champion from the preceding year will run the red background, white number.
    - If points are tied both riders will run the red background, white number.
  7. Women – blue background, white number.

Series Points will be based on the above points schedule.

  • To be eligible for series awards, a rider must compete in half of the total number of events.
  • All classes will count the riders scores from all rounds for the total points paid.
  • In the case of a tie the rider having the most class main event wins, most seconds, most thirds ect. will be the winner.
  • If the tie still exists in Pro Super EnduroX Class the rider with the most Super EnduroCross individual moto wins will be the winner.

*This information is from 2019 and may be different for the 2020 series, we will update this as soon as we have more information.*

An AMA Membership is Required to race an EnduroCross Event. Please be prepared to show your Member Card at the event.

⊕ Click Here to Join or Renew Online

⊕ You can Join, Renew, or purchase a Day Pass at the event