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Prescott Valley, Arizona (October 24, 2022) – The 2022 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship Series visited Prescott Valley, Arizona for Round Four. For the second round in a row, Trystan Hart took the overall win in another weekend of action-packed EX Pro battles. The Red Bull KTM rider had a score of 3-4-1 across the three motos. FactoryOne Sherco rider, Cody Webb finished second overall with 2-6-2 moto finishes. Rounding out the overall podium was Beta Rider, Jonny Walker, with 4-1-7 finishes in the motos.

To kick the fourth round off, Walker set the fastest hot-lap time to set the starting order for the first of three motos with a time of 37.285. Rockstar Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker had the second-fastest time of 38.225. FactoryOne Sherco rider Cooper Abbott had the third fastest hot lap with a 38.711. The fourth fastest hot lap belonged Webb at 39.201. GasGas Factory rider Taddy Blazusiak rounded out the top five fastest hot-lap times with a time of 39.342. Hart, the overall winner for the night, finished in sixth with a hot-lap time of 40.079.

Walker started off moto one strong with the Moose Holeshot and an early lead, ahead of Abbott and Haaker. Abbott, with a strong moto one start, was right on Walker’s heels for the first few laps, and he would pass Walker for the lead in the fourth lap with Haaker behind him moving into second. Haaker, the defending series champion, passed Abbott in the fifth lap for the lead and would hold on to that for the moto one win. Webb would finish second ahead of Hart in third. Rounding out the top five was Walker in fourth and Abbott in fifth.

The second moto inverts the sixteen riders’ finish positions from race one for gate picks, so the top eight riders start on the second row. Veteran racer, Justin Soule, took advantage of the front row start and took the holeshot in moto two narrowly ahead of Josh Roper and Cory Graffunder. Graffunder would take the lead for the early part of the first lap, but Blazusiak would make quick work of things and take over the lead by the end of the first lap. Walker would pass Graffunder and take over the second-place position by lap three, followed by Haaker taking over the third-place spot. Hart was also moving up the ranks and was into fourth place by the fourth lap. Walker was pressing on Blazusiak for the next few laps, looking for his opportunity to pass Blazusiak for the lead. In the seventh lap, Walker makes quick work of the matrix and passes Blazusiak in the tire section, which paved the way for Haaker to pass Blazusiak as well, as he and Walker moved into the first and second spots. They would stay that way through the checkered flag with Walker finishing P1, Haaker P2 and Blazusiak P3. Hart would finish in fourth and Abbott in fifth.

In the final moto, a crazy start and crash would shake things up and pave the way for Hart to secure the overall win. At the first turn of the race, over the tire section, Hart would narrowly escape a multi-racer pileup. Walker, Haaker and Blazusiak got caught up in the pileup and started the race at the back of the pack. Haaker and Walker, both just needing top five finishes to win the overall, would start at a severe disadvantage to achieve that goal. Hart protected that early lead to the finish line and win the third moto ahead of Webb in second and Abbott in third. Walker would make his way up to seventh place by the end of the race and Haaker finished in ninth.

For the night’s overall results, Haaker finished fourth with 1-2-9 moto finishes. Abbott came in fifth overall with 5-5-3 moto finishes. Blazusiak finished sixth overall ahead of Tim Apolle who took seventh. Will Riordan came in eighth overall ahead Max Gerston in ninth. Nick Thompson came in tenth overall.

2022 AMA Super EnduroCross- Round 4: Overall Results (Top 10)

1. Trystan Hart, 3-4-1, KTM

2. Cody Webb, 2-6-2 Sherco

3. Jonny Walker, 4-1-7, Beta

4. Colton Haaker, 1-2-9, Husqvarna

5. Cooper Abbott, 5-5-3, Sherco

6. Taddy Blazusiak, 6-3-4, GasGas

7. Tim Apolle, 7-8-6, Beta

8. Will Riordan, 9-7-10, KTM

9. Max Gerston, 8-9-11, GasGas

10. Nick Thompson, 12-10-8, KTM

After the fourth round, Hart is alone at the top in the series standings with 97 points. Blazusiak and Walker are tied for second with 82 points ahead of Webb in fourth with 80 points and Haaker in fifth with 65 points.

All of the results and series standings can be round at

In the Women’s Pro class, Four-time Women’s EnduroCross champion Shelby Turner took the win ahead of Louise Forsley who P2 and Rachel Gutish (P3).

Spenser Wilton won the Expert class main event ahead of Cody Miller in second and Dustin McCarthy in third.

The intermediate class main event was won by Braxton Hintze ahead of Coleman Johnson in second and Gavin McCarthy in third.

Tyler Kinkade won the Veterans class with David Kamo in second and Ryan Gouevia in third.

The Novice class was won by Ray Amos. Fernando Pascal came in second and Justin Webb in third.

Braxton Hintze won the Junior Trials class, which is limited to riders that are 12 to 17 years of age. Jack Williford came in second place ahead of Murphy Aaron in third.

The fifth round of the 2022 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship Series will take place on Saturday, November 5, in Boise, Idaho.